KORNATI – (40 minutes by boat) Day Trip (9-17h)

Legend has it that Kornati is a pile of white rocks that were thrown across the sea by God. Then, as he turned behind him, he smiled excitedly – for he was supremely pleased with his work. And it wasn’t just God who was impressed. When this archipelago of 147 islands, 35km long, was discovered by tourists in the 1970s, the area became a big hit. There’s just one catch (rather an advantage from our point of view) – the islands can only be explored by boat. That’s why only 30 people have permanent addresses in the whole archipelago. Because of their ruggedness, the bays on the islands have always been used as ports for various ships, pirate, military during the world wars. Today they serve for yachtsmen and excursionists on motor boats.

Enjoy with us the azure blue bays and the tranquility that is hard to experience elsewhere in civilization. Spend a sunny day swimming and relaxing, under the shade of the umbrellas of local restaurants, with a glass of beer or other cool drink in hand.

More info at https://www.kornati.hr/nacionalni-park-kornati/