Terms and Conditions – ENG

Terms and Conditions


1. The operator provides private accommodation to the customer who reserves accommodation in the operator’s accommodationfacility

2. The private accommodation operator is: Pavel Mucska, OIB: 67183868617.

3. A customer is a person who reserves accommodation in the operator’s accommodation facility.

4. A description of the accommodation units of the accommodation facility can be found on the websitewww.pirovacapartments.hr.


1. The price for accommodation services is calculated by the operator upon request according to the type of accommodation, thenumber of reserved accommodation units, the number of guests, the length and date of the reservation. The price list is alsoavailable at www.pirovacapartments.hr/cenik

2. After making a non-binding reservation by the customer, the operator will send the customer an email with the details of his reservation, including details of the total price for accommodation and links to the business and cancellation conditions, asking thecustomer to read them and then agree to them. If the customer confirms this email and agrees to the conditions, the reservationbecomes mutually binding and the customer hereby agrees to the terms and conditions, cancellation conditions and the total pricefor the accommodation.

3. The operator then calculates the amount of the deposit for accommodation services, which is 50% of the price of the reservedaccommodation, and asks the customer to pay the deposit.

4. The customer pays the deposit for the accommodation by bank transfer to the operator’s account, held at Raiffeisen Bank, no later than 3 working days from the binding reservation. Payment is made in the currency: Euro, IBAN: IBAN: HR3424840083190106249. BIC/SWIFT kód: RZBHHR2X. Recipient’s name: Pavel Mucska. No additional data needs to be entered.

5. If the customer does not pay the deposit for the accommodation within 3 working days, the operator is entitled to release thebooked date for other customers.

6. The additional payment for accommodation is paid by the customer on the day of arrival, during the check-in procedure and only in cash.

7. In the event of his own non-participation, the customer can determine compensation for himself in agreement with theaccommodation provider. Cancellation fees are not payable in this case.

8. During the check-in procedure, the customer also pays in cash the price for the final cleaning in the amount of 35 Euros per apartment + tourist tax for each person and day (according to the current price list of the Croatian government).


1. Accommodation is only possible for whole weeks, always from Saturday to Saturday, unless the customer agrees otherwisewith the operator.

2. Cancellation conditions are listed in a separate document https://www.pirovacapartments.hr/informace/storno-podminky

3. Arrival at the accommodation is always possible on Saturday from 3-8 pm. . In the case of delayed arrival (after 8 p.m.), thecustomer must request the operator in advance, but no later than 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival, by calling phone number: +420777769975. If this condition is not fulfilled, the customer loses the right to accommodation.

4. The end of the stay is always by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

5. Group stays are subject to special contractual conditions.