VRANSKO LAKE – (5 minutes by car) is a natural cryptodepressive karst lake. It is the largest lake in Croatia. Originally freshwater, but due to the connection with the sea (which is only 5 minutes drive from our apartments), its water is slightly salty. The lake is famous for its abundance of fish (carp, pike, eels, etc.). If a tourist is interested, he can buy a fishing ticket for one day or for a longer period of time at the local tourist office or at a local restaurant by the lake. The local restaurants are famous for their specialties of catfish, eels and other fish species. In the north-western part of the lake there is an ornithological reserve of 8.83 km2. In 1999, the Vransko jezero Nature Park was declared a protected landscape area.

More info at https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vransk%C3%A9_jezero