SKRADIN – (2 hours by boat) DAY TRIP (9-17h)

Skradin is a picturesque town with a turbulent past of over 6000 years, home to one of the most beautiful harbours in Croatia. On the territory of today’s town there was an ancient Illyrian settlement of Scardona, which ranks among the oldest towns in today’s Croatia. The drive alone is beautiful on this trip. We will sail to the town of Skradin for about 90-120 minutes (depending on how many „swimming stops“ you want to make along the way) along the beautiful „Šibenik Bay“ past the town of Šibenik, along the Krka River, which flows into the Krka National Park. In Skradin you can visit the local shops and restaurants and if you want you can also visit the Krka National Park (either on foot or by boat, belonging to the National Park), but for time reasons we recommend that you plan your visit to the park for another day, by your own car from Pirovac, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls in peace and quiet, without any time stresses – after all you are on vacation