VRGADA and surrounding orphanages – (25 minutes by boat) DAY TRIP (9-17h)

This trip is all about swimming, relaxing, sunbathing and exploring the smaller islands and their nooks and crannies. The island of Vrgada, located between the islands of Pasman (north) and Murter (south), is surrounded by many small, uninhabited islands. Even Vrgada itself has only 230 inhabitants. It offers beautiful nature, clean air supported by the smell of pine forests and salt, crystal clear sea and beautiful virgin beaches. The island is small, so everything is within easy reach. Therefore, there is no need for motor vehicles, which are prohibited on Vrgada anyway. But no one need be sorry, because the entire island, which is only 3.7 km2, can be crossed in about 15 minutes.

On the way there or back we can visit other islands and use their bays for a quiet swim.